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Center for the Study of Complex Systems and Cognition

The CENECC has been created in March 2000 as an interdisciplinary research unit involving researchers from several departments of ENS and from other institutions, in particular Ecole Polytechnique. It is organized in Working Groups for the theoretical studies of complex systems, especially in the field of cognitive sciences. As a project CENECC originated from an informal Coordination on Cognitive Science at Ens which organized during more than 10 years lectures, seminars and workshops. The formal creation of CENECC is part of the larger project for the development of cognitive sciences at Ens. In 2001 Ens launched the Department of Cognitive Studies (D├ępartement d'Etudes Cognitives, DEC). Since then CENECC is mainly associated with DEC, still keeping its status of a virtual laboratory for the development of interdisciplinary modeling.

Ecole Normale Superieure
Mathematics, Cognitive Science