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InterPlanetary Festival & Winter Workshop

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14 Oct 2022
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InterPlanetary Festival returns!

Transmitting for the first time since 2019, SFI’s InterPlanetary Festival is broadcasting October 22nd and 23rd.

SFI Researchers and InterPlanetary Intellectuals will explore deep questions in complexity science alongside book signings, musical performances, lectures, family fun activities, and bespoke beverages by Second Street Brewery.

The InterPlanetary Festival is an annual event that combines an exploration of complexity science and technological innovation with a festival full of music, film, art, and more. Each year InterPlanetary compiles all manner of scientists, sci-fi authors, business leaders, artists, etc., to create an interesting and engaging lineup of panels, revolving around the fundamental systems and questions of our existence as a species, both on Earth and beyond.

Seating is limited, but all content will be streamed FOR FREE at

Winter Workshop on Complex Systems

From students of the 2014 Complex Systems Summer School

The call for participation in the Winter Workshop on Complex Systems (WWCS) is now open! This is the 8th edition of the WWCS and it will be held in the beautiful city of Amsterdam from January 30th to Feb 3rd 2023. Previously, it was held in Besançon, Brussels, Madrid, Petnica, Utrecht, Zakopane and Gruyere.

The WWCS was inspired by the Sante Fe Institute's Complex Systems Summer School (CSSS) and its goal is to inspire and promote interdisciplinary collaborations in complex systems research. As such, the focus of the week will be to initiate new interdisciplinary projects. The workshop is open to postdocs and experienced PhD students (about 40 in total). A large portion of the workshop will be dedicated to project teams spending time developing project ideas that they will present at the end of the workshop. To facilitate this, we will have a number of other activities, including talks from invited speakers, tutorials, social activities and games. More info

The application deadline is the 30th of October.

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