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September 2015 Update

25 Aug 2015

New on our homepage:   Liz Bradley and Dave Feldman Q&As 

We interviewed Nonlinear Dynamics course instructor Liz Bradley, and Fractals and Scaling course instructor Dave Feldman.  According to Liz, complex systems and nonlinear dynamics are two sides of the same coin.  Scaling behavior, covered in Dave's course, is frequently seen in complex systems. Read LIz's interview here, and Dave's interview here.   

New mathematics tutorial:  Random Walks, taught by Sid Redner (Santa Fe Institute).  Random walks have been used to understand diverse phenomena in many fields, for example economics, computer science, physics, chemistry, biology and sports. Sign up for the tutorial to learn more.  

New course starting:  Fractals and scaling will be offered starting on September 1, 2015.  Enrollment is open! This is an exciting new course from Dave Feldman open to anyone with some basic algebra.  

New re-offering: Nonlinear Dynamics will be offered for a second time by Liz Bradley starting September 1, 2015.  Enroll now! Liz has made some interesting changes and is bringing more applications into her course.  This is an essential area to understand on your way to becoming a complexity scholar. 

Help us subtitle Complexity Explorer's videos:

Our new, streamlined subtitling system is ready and we need volunteers to help subtitle our videos!  English and Spanish subtitles are particularly needed, but any language would be very useful.  If you subtitle two hours of video we will send you a free Complexity Explorer T-shirtshipped free anywhere in the world.  See for information on how to sign up. 

We also always need volunteers to help collect web-based syllabi, glossary terms, and other resources related to complex systems.  See to find out ways to get involved in our efforts. 







Staff updates: We welcome Connor O'Neil as a new member of Complexity Explorer's team.  Connor O'Neil is an Administrative Assistant for the Santa Fe Institute's Education and Outreach group.  You will likely interact with him through our email accounts and forums.  He is also helping with writing up our news stories.  Welcome Connor! Connor is the human in the picture next to Complexity Explorer team dog Nina Simone. 

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