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February-March 2016 Update

21 Jan 2016

Time for Tutorials

Here at Complexity Explorer we have been focusing on our math tutorials.  Our offerings have grown quite a bit in a year and we are not planning on slowing down.  In December we released the Vector and Matrix Algebra tutorial with Anthony Rhodes, which has a wide applicability to many fields in science.  Anthony may be preparing a second tutorial related to Graph Theory so stay tuned for that! Sid Redner has been working on adding material to his Random Walks tutorial.  All of the quiz questions now have solutions, and we have uploaded a series of homework questions to challenge you - and the solutions so you can check your work. The Introduction to Information Theory tutorial by Seth Lloyd, with quiz and homework questions by Yoav Kallus is now available.  We are getting close to finishing up the Introduction to Computation Theory tutorial with Josh Grochow as well. 

News Stories

Read about the work Anthony Rhodes is doing in machine learning.  He created the Vector and Matrix Algebra tutorial and discusses the connections between his work, matrices and complex systems understanding.


The videos from the Random Walks tutorial are now available for subtitling through our Amara team  Join our team and help us get more people in different languages learning about complex systems.  Here's a link to learn how to join this effort.  Thank you to everyone that has already contributed!

Personnel Updates

Gabrielle Beans, the Program Manager for Complexity Explorer, is on maternity leave! Congratulations, Gabby! Paige Prescott, a veteran teacher who works with Project GUTS and is joining the team to help keep Complexity Explorer on track while Gabby is away.  Welcome Paige! 

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