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April/May Update: The calm before the storm

13 May 2016

Getting ready for summer

Have things seemed a bit slow on Complexity Explorer lately? Like a swift current under a calm ocean surface, there's more going on here than you may think.  We are working on some major developments that we can't talk about just yet, but will be very exciting.  Many of these developments will address some of our users' wishlists for our courses and website.  Keep watching this space!

Our 2016 courses are going to get going soon and we are preparing with the instructors to make them happen.  The long-awaited Agent-based modeling course with Bill Rand is getting underway.  We hope to have the course ready to start on July 17th.  Melanie Mitchell's fantastic Introduction to Complexity will be starting towards the end of summer.  Josh Grochow's Introduction to Computation Theory tutorial is nearing completion, and we will be working on two new tutorials over the summer. 

Remember, all of our courses are available under Archived Courses.  Brush up on your knowledge, or share them with someone you know should really be learning about complex systems.  

News Stories

Read about a recent public lecture held by the Santa Fe Institute on how domesticated humans evolved. You can watch the video of the lecture as well.  Dr. Annalee Newitz is interested in how humans went from being nomadic hunters to living in a city in the hopes of finding clues to our future selves as we migrate into megacities.

The Santa Fe Institute's network of talented faculty and postdocs are constantly churning out interesting research papers.  The Santa Fe Institute's News Center serves up an endless bounty of research and events news.  It's a great way of getting a glimpse into the goings-on here at SFI. 

You really should read about the SFI Postdocs 72 hours of Science experiment.  The postdocs came together to choose a research problem, perform research on the problem, and submit a draft of the study - all within 72 hours, holed up together in a house in Tesuque, New Mexico. They succeeded and you can read the results "The Dynamics of Beneficial Mutations" here. MIT Technology Review and Gizmodo have both written about this pioneering study.   


We'll be back in touch with more exciting news soon!

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