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April's Complexity News: So Much New Content!

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30 Apr 2018
Agent-Based Modeling Algorithmic Complexity

Now a solid grip into the year, we here at the Santa Fe Institute are gearing up for the summer. That means desert weather and many visitors to the institute, both of which we all love. Be sure to check back in with us throughout the season for extra interviews, features about our in-person programs and other goodies. In the meantime, read on to see all of our awesome new content out now, including a Challenge, a brand new course and an old favorite in a new format, more stuff to subtitle and some updates on the Master's program!

Spring 2018 Complexity Challenge has launched 

After years of development, a private pilot run and much logistics, our very first open Complexity Challenge has launched on April 23rd, 2018! 

Part of a new initiative here at Complexity Explorer HQ to provide you with a wider range of learning experiences, the Complexity Challenges offer a totally unique, project-based and peer-reviewed way to test your complex systems chops. This time around, we only had 200 slots open, which filled up at lightning speed! While the challenge may be full, you can still check out the question video here. Have a go at it, and be sure to apply for future challenges

Introduction to Complexity is now running continuously

Earn your certificate for Introduction to Complexity at any time! Our flagship course has been taken by over 10,000 people - incredible! To keep that momentum going, we’ve now opened the course up indefinitely - that means you can now take quizzes and exams, watch all videos and earn your certificate at any time of the year. You could finish the entire course in two weeks, or take it slow and complete in two years. This course will always be free and available on Complexity Explorer, so if you haven’t taken it already now is a wonderful time to enroll! 

Don’t take it from us, take it from your fellow student how valuable this course is: 

"Well conceived. Well constructed. Well resourced. Well-paced. Extremely well-delivered. The lectures and quizzes build confidence in having a go with the supplied models, which really really really deepens the learning. A gem."

Sign up for Introduction to Complexity here, and get learning! 

Algorithmic Information Dynamics is open for enrollment! 

After years of development, Algorithmic Information Dynamics: From Networks to Cells is officially open for enrollment, and we couldn’t be more excited! 

Developed by friends of SFI at the Algorithmic Information Dynamics Lab at Karolinska University in Sweden, this course covers some of the most cutting edge science in complex systems. Combining information theory, algorithmic complexity and dynamical systems, this course aims to provide students with some of the most advanced tools to find causation. 

In a Complexity Explorer first, students who enroll will get an exclusive online copy of an accompanying textbook made specifically for this course. Top-performing students will also receive books and memorabilia from the London Mathematical Society, as well as signed physical copies of the textbook

Tuition for this course will be $50, but fret not - we are happy to offer scholarships to those that demonstrate need. Take a look at the course home page, enroll and see the latest in complexity research, delivered by the researchers themselves. 

Fundamentals of NetLogo is released

Students of Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling, our crash course in a major complexity science modeling method, has been popular with students across the board. Intro to ABM provides a cursory introduction to NetLogo modeling software, but students have been telling us over the last two years that we should host a tutorial specifically on using NetLogo. 

So, we made one!

That’s right - by popular demand, we’re pleased to announce a new tutorial from Prof. Bill Rand, Fundamentals of NetLogo. In it, you’ll get an in-depth guide to how NetLogo works, how to create your own models and how to interpret your work. For students who are thinking about taking the Introduction to ABM course this summer, you’d be well advised to check out this simple (and free!) new tool tutorial. Check it out here.

Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling to open July 9th

Speaking of NetLogo, Prof. Bill Rand is also offering his now-classic course Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling again this summer. This time around the course will begin on July 9th, and open for enrollment on May 29th

We’ll be offering this course for tuition once again this year, - your tuition payments support our creation of new material (including new courses upcoming for 2019!), and allow us to provide scholarships to individuals in need. 

The Spring Subtitling Sprint!

March and April were fruitful with some new subtitlers joining our team, even making their way into the top three for the monthly totals!

Seasoned subtitler Diego Díaz Córdova took the lead with a total of 56 minutes in Spanish, firmly cementing them as top subtitler of all time!

Coming in second was Laus with 46 hours in Serbo-Croatian, being the front runner in March and then taking some time off to enjoy the spring weather in April! Just 2.5 more months like March and Laus will be getting a t-shirt! 

Third Place goes to 岩昊 黄, who just joined our team in March totaling 14 minutes in Chinese, welcome 岩昊 黄!

New Videos Added to Amara Subtitling Team:

At the beginning of April we added new videos for tutorials on Machine Learning and the Fundamentals of NetLogo.  

We also added a new videos that are meant for a broader audience, and they are called the Complexicon! These short videos are a fun and easy way to get into subtitling Complexity Science content if you are new to subtitling!  They are short and have really great graphics, enjoy!

Lastly, we updated some videos from our Agent-based Modeling course, as the instructors have improved the content!

Thank you all for your amazing work, you all make complexity science accessible to our global complexity community! If you haven't already, join our team! 

… And remember once 120 minutes of subtitling are logged you will receive a free complexity explorer t-shirt.  

Full of gratitude for Spring - Donation Report 

So far this year we have received $3,128 in donations from our users, you all!

We want to extend a huge thank you to all our donors - Complexity Explorer is partially donation funded, and were are here for you AND because of you! Your contributions help keep the site online, and support the creation of new content for a broader audience.  

We have put our donation money to use creating new programs that are making Complexity Science more accessible, specifically the Complexion videos! They take a glossary word, and make is come alive with scientists from the the Santa Fe Institute community and great animations, all condensed into a 2-4 minute experience. 

Check out SFI scientist Sid Redner enjoying a Random Walk and Dynamical Systems for a taste of what the Complexicon is!

We will be debuting three new Complexicon videos in May on:

  • Agent Based Modeling
  • Keystone Species
  • Food Webs

If you would like to further support, its science, and its mission please donate here.  If you want to show others that you are a Complexity Explorer, check out our Threadless Shop for a variety of gear for the whole family and beyond! 

Catch you all next month! 

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